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Peace, mindfulness and gratitude

When you think of mindfulness, passion, strength and gratitude, you think of Mandela.

For those of you lucky enough to have crossed paths with Mandela, you know the beauty and peace that comes with knowing her. Montana Skin Academy and it's students were graced with the spirit of Mandela this week and were gifted an experience that we will not forget. We listened as she told the stories about some of the most remote places on earth, the experiences she has had as a river guide in the Grand Canyon and about her passion for the place we all call home; our planet.

She brought with her and incredible instrument and allowed us time to stop, listen and experience her music. (listen below to a clip of her talent)

Through all of her adventures around the world, Mandela still makes taking care of her skin a priority. SPF 50 is a must for all of the time she spends outside. It isn't a matter of vanity, it is a matter of health. She also spoke to our students about the importance of finding work/life balance and making sure they are mindful about keeping their personal wells full.

Mandela presented something that we all need to hear. Take care of yourself, others, our planet and its inhabitants. Go out and explore!

"The more people that go out and experience wild places, there will be more people that fight to protect them." Mandela VanEeden

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