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Admission requirements

  1. Application completed, with the application fee of *$100.00 (*non-refundable).

  2. Once application is approved, fee of *$100 admission fee is applied. (*non-refundable).

            3. Valid Proof of High School Graduation or Equivalent:

  • An official High School Diploma, or GED

  • College Degree if applicable

  • Homeschool Certificate, including State issued credential.

  • Foreign diploma that has been translated and authenticated as equivalent to a high

                        school graduation diploma in the USA.

            5. Copy of driver’s license, passport or birth certificate.

6. Transfer students must submit a copy of their hours with a certified transcript from the school they are transferring from.


Transfer students

Transfer students will be responsible for paying the non-refundable $100 application fee + non-refundable registration of $200 upon enrollment. All transfer students must submit a transcript of existing hours and show proof of being in good standing with their previous school. Transfer students will be charged $18.00 per hour for the remaining number of hours they have to complete. Students will be contracted for a designated time frame to complete their 650 hours of training. If a transfer student exceeds their contract period, they will be required to pay an over contract fee of $18.00 per hour to complete their 650 hours. The academy can make the determination if a Transfer student is ready to graduate based on testing scores and practical level testing. Transfer students can be held past the completion of 650 hours if the school feels it is necessary to have them at a level that will help them to become licensed.

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